Notes from meeting with CLM PD Cmdr. Lum

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Notes from meeting with CLM PD Cmdr. Lum

Post by John on Sun Jan 29, 2017 1:22 pm

1. What questions or types of questions did they ask during the oral portion?
a. Leadership stuff – tailor to the situation
b. What’s one change in the department?
c. How do you think you would deal with a problem employee? Face-to-face having coffee, my new role, I was chosen, anyone of us can do it, I was chosen
d. Who have I mentored and how
e. Three traits of leadership
i. Accountability – fair and consistent in an organization
ii. Responsibility
iii. consistent
2. What types of questions were on the written exam?
3. What information did you provide on the oral presentation?
4. What are some pet peeves of Chief Lotti?
5. Any surprises during your process? – nothing out of ordinary
6. What would you have done differently? - nothing
7. What are some leadership traits Chief Lotti looks for or appreciates?
a. Role family plays developing leadership skills and traits

Be natural in presentation
Talk about mentoring; have example
Act like you are already the supervisor
Know the reason why you want to promote
Be consistent through the process
How have you built relationships
Don’t sell yourself short
Takes family seriously, stress family
Community panel ?
What motivates me 2 or 3 to elaborate
What projects have I taken on either assigned or unassigned
5 min presentation; talk about yourself
Command presence; how did you prepare, not it’s time
Personal and professional
Tie in keywords to why I want to promote and how it
Key words; effective communication, active listener, respect, dignity, leader, mentor, motivator, accountability and responsibility,
succession planning
it’s about those on the shift, not the supervisor
Legacy – why do you want the job
Decisions under pressure
Add in network, be open change and differing philosophy
Communications and relationships
I care about the city
Conduit of communication to admin
What is your role to the citizens
What is your role to admin
Be available and make time to help motivate; show you care
Be there for your people
Technology to add if you have a choice
Balance family and work
Good closing statement; thank everyone for participating
Supervisor plays a role in discipline
Future trends
Look at big picture in problem solving
Look motivated and excited; show some passion
Proud to walk through the dispatch door everyday
Proud to see the 911 dispatch sign
Always offer EAP
Actions will speak louder than words, lead by example
Good supervisors Walk the way they talk
Good closing: take next step, seen so many changes, faced so many challenges, push org forward, look forward to retiring here
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